What is the Gospel?

The most amazing, incredible message for all people in world history...

"I am not ashamed of the Gospel because it is the power of God for those who believe..." - the Apostle Paul (Romans 1:16)

The Gospel is news that seems too good to be true, but yet it is. It’s bad news and good news rolled into one Truth…

So what is the Gospel, exactly?

It’s the bad news that all men and women have rebelled against their Creator (1) and, upon death, will be eternally banished from His presence and from any good thing (2). It would be a hopeless situation because that same Creator God is our holy judge and jury (3). BUT, the Gospel is also the good news that this holy God is full of love (4) and is eager to show mercy (5). His greatest demonstration of that love was sending His own Son, Jesus (6), to take the punishment for sin that we deserve. In this way, God’s justice was maintained while His mercy was extended. Jesus went willingly for us (7), and it was His birth that we celebrate at Christmas-time (8), and his death (9) and resurrection (10) that we celebrate during Easter-time.

Response Required…

This great sacrifice was a grace gift to us (11), completely undeserved. But because it is personal, it requires personal response (12); acknowledgment that our sin is so evil that the Son of God had to die to fix us. When you truly believe that Jesus did this for you and you understand that your sin caused him much pain, God will rescue you from the eternal consequences of your sin (13), transform your heart(14) and adopt you as His own child (15).

What About You?

So where do you stand? If you were to die tonight, on what basis would you have any hope of being rescued from certain judgment? If you have not trusted in Jesus alone to save you, you are currently without hope, regardless of how “nice a person” you have been; you have no relationship with God. Trust in him, and begin reading the Bible(16), praying by asking God to teach you(17), and attending a local church(18) so that you can grow together with others who believe these things(19). If you are local to Roanoke, we would love to meet you in person to talk about Jesus. Reach out and tell someone today.

Below is a video that shows the Gospel using a simple illustration (you can see the individual steps here):

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